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Guest musicians - Robin - 06.09.2017 09:24 PM

As there are quite a lot of guests and new musicians on the album, I want to give you the opportunity to discover them a little bit:

Kristof Hinz, drums https://www.kristofhinz.de/
Alice Merton, voice of Jeanne d'Arc: http://www.alicemerton.com
Alexandra Seubert, backing vocals:

Jessy Martens, Jeanne's crying: http://www.jessymartens.de

RE: Guest musicians - Robin - 06.09.2017 09:50 PM

Anke Renner, backing vocals : -
Isgaard, vocals : http://www.isgaard.com
Lisa Laage-Smidt, backing vocals: http://marktkirche-hannover.de/?p=1220
Kim Hutchinson, Jeanne's mother: -
Kai Ritter, Jeanne's father: -
Simon Moskon, backing vocals: http://www.cryptexmusic.com

...more to come...

RE: Guest musicians - Robin - 07.09.2017 06:12 PM

Sven-Arne Zinnke, backing vocals : Hörbänd

Jens Lueck, keyboards: Art of music

Volker Kuinke, recorders and flutes: Syrinx Call
Christoph van Hal, strings: Christoph van Hal

Artur Kühfuß, keyboards: Artsoundz
Niklas Fischer, keyboards: D-Room

Eric Pulverich, choir: Kyles Tolone
Leon Kaack, choir: Leon Kaack
Bick Buttchereit: -
Steve Mann, Dauphin Charles: Steve Mann
Johannes Berger, bass violin: Johannes Berger
Julian Göke, bass voice: Julian Göke

RE: Guest musicians - stiles - 07.09.2017 09:17 PM

schon beeindruckend, wer bei der produktion alles seine finger bzw. stimme mit ins spiel gebrachte. ein indiz für die hohe qualität und professionalität, mit der frank heranging, um uns nicht zu enttäuschen.

RE: Guest musicians - Aleks - 13.09.2017 12:34 PM

Steve Mann as Dauphin Charles!
He does not appear on guitar, maybe he joins Eloy on live tours only?