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Dear fans,

we are very proud to announce new LIVE-Dates!


Eclipsed presents

24.03.2012 Berlin, Postbahnhof
25.03.2012 Hamburg, Markthalle
26.03.2012 Cologne, Gloria Undecided SOLD OUT! Smile
27.03.2012 Stuttgart, Longhorn
28.03.2012 Pratteln (CH) - Z7
29.03.2012 Munich, Muffathalle
30.03.2012 Mainz, Frankfurter Hof
Undecided SOLD OUT!

Hope you book your vacation! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

More info/tickets available here:

Fantastic news, of course. But one venue is missing: Mannheim, Capitol Wink
More background info, yet? Album, Remasters, ...?
Yes, great news!
I noticed though another concert is missing: New York BlushAngelAngryConfused

The musicians in this year's show were great!
I guess the same band members, longer show?

New tour, ahh UndecidedHeartAngryTongue
Das ist ja kaum zu glauben!!Ich fasse es nicht.Wahnsinn!!!!Wir werden dabei sein.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ich tanze vor Freude!!Gruss an alle Freunde von Eloy und an die Band selbst!!!
Really amazing news!!! I'm sure more dates will follow.

When Frank was talking to the fans after the show at Loreley, he spoke of a very good offer to play in USA. What about that? Any chance to connect that with shows in Mexico and Southamerica? ELOY has many die-hard fans over here.

Surely the shows will be great even if the setlist is the same as the one they played at Loreley. Maybe even more recording and filming will take place at these dates, maybe even a longer show, who knows? The important thing is that ELOY is breathing again and playing live, producing new music, remastering/re-recording previous records and Frank has so many projects under his belt that I suspect the next two/three years will be a great time for us, ELOY fans.
In USA it could have been Nearfest (nearfest.com).
This is very very nice Prog Rock festival, similar in spirit to what we saw in Loreley.
Both new and famous and very old bands, not very big hall (indoors).
I love it. Went many times. Would be great occasion for Eloy to come to USA!
This year Nearfeest was cancelled; but should happen next year, end of June.
See nearfest.com!
Hi Robin, Hi Eloy, Hi Frank,

The Eloy Community proudly accepts all the forthcoming dates for the Eloy live concerts in 2012.

Wahnsinn ...

Wär ja schön, wenn man in einem deutschen Forum auch überwiegend Deutsch schreiben würde...

Aber zu den Terminen: weder auf der Agentur-Adresse noch auf der Seite des Frankfurter Hofes ist der Termin 30.03. bisher aufgeführt !?!

Gruß Gert.
(18.10.2011 06:27 PM)Niederraeder Wrote: [ -> ]Wär ja schön, wenn man in einem deutschen Forum auch überwiegend Deutsch schreiben würde...

"One should learn English only because Eloy lyrics are in this language"
(almost by Russian poet V. Mayakovsky).
By the way, this is how I learned English - Eloy, Pink Floyd and
Hallo Freunde von Eloy-auf Eventim kann man sich Tickets sichern für die kommenden Konzerte von Eloy!!!
Gruss Josh
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